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You know, I've always wanted to see...

Where Potter plot bunnies come to life.

4/5/05 09:56 am - tigra_666 - I've had this in my head for a while...

Harry's finished school and is in training for something, either the war or some kind of career if it's post war. Anyway whatever it is means that he has to spend a lot of time one-on-one with both Sirius and Severus.

(An excuse for Sirius being alive would be good, but looking at fandom, not that neccessary.)

Both men start to develop feelings for Harry but decide not to act upon it. Until they discover that the other one feels the same way.

And then, it's war.

So what follows is a series of subtle (and not so subtle) hints and accidents as both men try to win Harry and save him from the other.

Meanwhile, Harry continues on, totally oblivious to his tutors efforts.

Then one day, Harry announces to each seperately that he's found someone, and they're probably no going to approve, but he's in love...etc.

Each, admitting defeat agrees to meet with Harry and his lover, assuming the other has won.

So the three of them are standing there talking, both Sirius and Severus getting increasingly confused, when Harry's face lights up and Remus walks in.

I have this image of Harry and Remus walking off arms around each other, with remus looking back over Harry's shoulder to smirk at the other two's gob-smacked expressions.


4/5/05 09:32 am - tigra_666 - Kind of a song fic...

Well I've been listening to "You Oughta Know" by Alnais Morissette alot lately and it is so Severus/Lucius so...

Severus and Draco are in a rather fucked up relationship. Draco (whatever age you want) is very much in love with Severus but knows the other man is just using him. But he knows it's for something more than just the sex. He just doesn't know what.

So one day Draco decides to search through Severus' things and he finds an old box full of letters.

They are all unsent letters that Severus had written to Lucius.

The back story is that Lucius dumped Severus and then started dating Narcissa. Severus was a little unhinged by this. But of course he'd never show it. The lyrics of the song are dispersed through out the letters.

And of course this is around the time that Dumbledore finds him, puts him back together (kinda), gives him a pat on the head and sends him back to spy on Voldemort. Because he's such a kind, caring soul.

So Draco reads the letters, realises that he's caught up in some sort of revenge, being in Severus' mind the physical embodiment of Lucius' betrayl.

Severus catches him with the letters and everything goes to hell.

Have fun.


LyricsCollapse )

1/18/05 03:30 pm - curia_regis

Hmm, this community seems dead. *prods with stick* Too bad, because I'd love to see this written.

Pairing or Character: Snape/Harry if you can somehow fit it in.

Requested Rating: PG-13 to NC-17

Scenario: AU. What happens if Hagrid gets there one minute later to Madam Malkin's before Harry's first year at school. Harry gets the chance to introduce himself as Harry Potter and everything is different. He gets sorted into Slytherin. This leads to Voldemort rising in Harry's first year due to the Philosopher's Stone. Harry is drawn onto the path to darkness, or is he? (take your pick whether he's light or dark) I don't, repeat don't, want this to be another 'retelling' of PS/SS and the other works of canon. There must be a unique plot.

11/6/04 05:39 pm - silentbreathing - Please Write


PG-13 to NC-17

Harry has been having trouble concentrating in class and has been frustrated with his life in general. He is angry with Dumbledore and the rest of the Order for not telling him anything about the Death Eater movements and what he is supposed to do to defeat Voldemort. Harry wants to have something, or someone, that he has control over in his life. So Harry manipulates Colin's desire to be friends with the one and only "Boy-Who-Lived" into ... (deleted)

[Edit: Ok how about this instead. Harry's angry. He manipulates Colin to do his will. Breaks him using Harry's fame. Colin gives in to Harry.]

I hope I did this right. Please let me know if I did not.

9/20/04 10:51 pm - shoorihoshi - Ficlet Idea

Harry/Draco, G-NC17. Draco is in prison after the war, and Harry goes to visit him, and tries to convince Draco not to let himself be executed. For what it's worth, this was inspirsed by reading The Last Days of Socrates, particularly the dialogue between Socrates and Crito.

9/8/04 05:20 pm - bentley - Please write...

Characters: Parvati and Padma Patil (or Parvati/Padma if that's your thing.)
Rating: Depends how dark and shippy you get.

Padma and Parvati are working on a Potion or magic item of some sort outside of Hogwarts and when they test it, most of her memories are deleted or they gain temporary amnesia.

Through interaction with other people (their parents), or upon gaining connciousness, the twins swtch identity - Parvati believes she is Padma and vice versa. Being identical twins, no-one else properly knows the difference and as such when they go back to Hogwarts the real Parvati goes to Ravenclaw, Padma to Gryffindor.

Of course, their true personality comes through quite a bit, and they begin to get confused about their actual identities. Due to Parvati's Divination magic and their linked psyches, their regained memories are equally confusing.

One of them manages to work it out, and switches back her identity, however the other remains stubborn; so there are two Padmas or two Parvatis wandering around. I imagine teachers or Dumbledore or the parents get involved at this point.

Either the girls go to St Mungos, their identities are resolved (whether the right way or not) or one of them dies.

Thank god that's out of my head.

9/6/04 04:41 pm - azurelunatic - DADA Professor Blackadder

Got a bunny that's been bouncing around in my head. I'm not well-versed enough in Blackadder to write it, so I'm releasing it to the wild...

Characters: Professor Blackadder, Defense Against the Dark Arts. Snape. Baldrick. Draco Malfoy. Anyone else you want to play with. Potterverse/Blackadder crossover.

Rating: However it comes out. This is a pretty gen bunny, but writer's descretion.

Scenario: There is a new professor teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts: Professor Blackadder. Latest in a long line of dark, snarky, and morally ambiguous Blackadders, this one is a wizard. Two dark, snarky, and morally ambiguous men were not meant to co-exist peacefully in the same castle. Havoc ensues.

Snape and Blackadder's constant vicious verbal battles (snarking and sniping, hooray!) disrupt Hogwarts. Draco Malfoy is shredded in the crossfire. Snape is furious at being passed up yet again for the DADA position. Voldemort, Lucius Malfoy, or other active Death Eaters may be trying to seduce Blackadder to the side of Complete & Utter Evil from his comfortable stance at Whatever's Most Convenient For Me That Isn't Likely To Get Me Killed. And what is Snape planning? Is his cunning plot to reveal and upset the Death Eaters' plots, to injure, oust, or inconvenience Professor Blackadder, or something completely different?

Tone of fic: humor, dark humor if you can swing it.

In a word: bwahahaha. Knowledge of both Harry Potter and Blackadder is recommended for this endeavor.

9/6/04 04:17 pm - schtroumph_c

Good idea, this community! I have many bunnies closed somewhere, they finally could see the light, and maybe a nice house.

First, this one (others will be posted later):

Pairing: Harry/Snape

Rating: Whatever suits you, but I'll prefer R or NC-17 *grin*


It's a story with Time Travel but not the ususal "Harry goes in Marauder's era and fell for teen!Snape"!

My idea is that both Harry and Snape, (who are already in a relationship, if possible) fell in Marauders' era. The others see the ressemblance between Harry and James, and Snape and his teen version. Present!Snape and Harry hide their name and time, even if the school know that they are from future, and they evidently hide their relationship.

WMPP rapidly understand that the adult!Snape is snivellus and they just suppose that Harry is James's son.

They walked a night in the castle, and see adult!Snape act strangely, like he did since he's here (trying to hide the snarry).

They follow him and see him catch Harry and force him to go in a class. Thinking that he want to hurt him, they follow and see...Snape and Harry kissing or more if you dare.

In fact, in my head they see more, with maybe one or two kinks.

It's probably just good for a PWP, but, it's out of my head now.

Go, little bunny! Go!

9/6/04 02:31 am - sifelaver


Age of Sail AU. Admiral Dumbledore leads a fleet of ships in the war against Napoleon Voldemort. Ron and Harry (and whoever else you want to throw in) are midshipmen in the HMS...Somethingorother, commanded by Captain Snape. The cap'n is not above taking a mid to bed on those lonely nights, far from home.

Can be parody, can be serious, can have lots of battles and naval arcana or none at all. It can be all smut, or there can be interludes with Snape asking Albus whyinthehell he hasn't been made post yet.

My problem with this idea is that I keep getting distracted by the mental images of Harry in his spit-shiny uniform and Ron clinging like to a rope like a limpet in his too-big, hand-me-down foul weather coat and Captain Snape purring Article XXIX to the crew and Filch gleefully flogging someone for insubordination. And numerous puns about cannons and tompions (I am Jack's awful sense of humor).

...Hope I'm not the only one with a 19th-century-naval-uniform kink. Mmm, breeches and hats.

If anyone's interested, I'll supply you with all the links you need to write about the era - if there's one thing I've got, it's links.

9/5/04 02:13 pm - shoorihoshi - Plotbunny Idea

Oh, this community does sound like fun! I have a silly little plotbunny idea.

Idea: Unrequited Harry/Draco, possible Draco/Dean G to NC17. Draco paints a watercolor of Harry, which he deliberatly doesn't show to anybody. Dean Thomas somehow finds out about it (maybe Draco accidentally leaves it somewhere?) and, impressed with Draco's talent, threatens to tell Harry about the watercolor (in which it somehow is revealed that Draco has non-rival like deeper feelings for Harry, possibly through nudity or maybe through the technique used) unless Draco starts drawing something for Dean everyday, leaving it in a sketchbook that they hide in a place they agree on (maybe somewhere in the dungeons?). All hell breaks lose when somebody (Snape? Harry? Seamus?) finds the sketchbook and somehow the question of why Dean would blackmail Draco in such a way comes up.

I would totally snog anybody who would write this. *_* Mmmm, I love art!fics/drabbles.
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